The Artist


   Dio. is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the  natural world and within the human spirit. This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is reflected strongly in his artwork.

Dio was born on the 20th of November 1985.  Currently teaching art in one of the renown senior high school here in accra Ghana. His work is executed in a vibrant, expressionistic style, which- while still retaining it representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union.                 

Dio’s choice of medium is unlimited. He creates works of art with anything he lays his hands on.  Currently Dio works with acrylic, ink pens and recycles papers into collage art.  In painting, his style is unique because of the representation of fluid or bubble effects   which   takes great time and great effort to do.

       In ink drawing or painting, popularly known as mathematical drawing or painting Dio   creates his subjects with mathematical symbols, equations, lines or combination of these. These he   does by the use of assorted ink pens of different colours and black

     In collage, which is one of his specialty Dio recycles magazines into glorious works of art. This he does by adhering hundreds of chopped pieces of  magazines or coloured papers   onto hard supports or surfaces.                                 

     Dio’s inspiration is first derived  from this world to which he bears witness. Whether   it be an intimate moment captured between mother and child, a glimpse into the solitary   reverie of cultures, or a private view into that sacred world of the timeless nude

      Dio’s choice of subject matter, his masterful ability for extemporaneous   composition,  and his brilliant talent for the juxtaposition of light and shadow, all evoke a   powerful old world feel, yet with an irresistible modern edge.

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